Tumblers Lunch

North Cotswold Foxhounds

The Tumblers Lunch

Tumblers Lunch 2018

Sunday, 4th March 

(details to follow)


The fallers we have recorded so far are:

(£10 per tumble to NCH funds please)

Victoria Sears

Chris West

Tom Robbins

Heidi's mate at the opening meet who spent more time on the deck than on the horse- Name please?

Gaynor Brundle

Sophia Peel

Libby Cooke

Guy Fitzearle

Chris Clarke

Dickie Ashbrook

William Jones

Brad Hooker

Jamie Ball

Christian Kwek 

and your club house leader



There must be others out there who are yet to fess up or be dobbed in. Don't be shy on either account.

Let's be havin' you!!


To book into lunch or report falls:

email Penny:

[email protected]