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We are a very active and friendly pony club - a part of Area 9, situated in the heart of the Cotswolds, Broadway being our central point. We were first formed in 1930.

There are about 170 members in our pony club ranging in age from 4 to 21 years, plus some older Associate members. With the help of volunteers and great instructors we try to cater for all abilities, providing rallies, training and other fun activities, enabling our members to be able to ride for fun or to be more competitive. The highlight of our year is the popular 5 Day rally during  the summer holidays which is greatly enjoyed by all.

Our pony club has very strong links with The North Cotswold Hunt and members are always welcome to join NCH activities throughout the season.

For more information, visit the North Cotswold section of the Pony Club website.
Visit our Facebook page here
Please click here with any enquiries.
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